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 Sadler Parent Involvement Policy


Edward D. Sadler, Jr. Elementary

Parent Involvement Policy

In acknowledgement of reliable research proving that parental involvement raises the academic achievement of students; Edward D. Sadler, Jr. Elementary encourages and supports the involvement of all parents.  Throughout the school year there will be Family Fun Nights, Parent Workshops, and Parent Volunteer Opportunities to promote active parental involvement.

In order to build an effective home-school partnership, Sadler Elementary will provide the following:

  • An annual meeting will be held on August 22, 2011 at 10:00 am, 11:00 am and 5:00 pm. We will discuss the Title I plan for the 2011-2012 school year along with an opportunity for parent input and feedback.
  • An accountability agreement will be signed fall semester.  It outlines how parents, school staff, and students share the responsibility for improving learning, along with an opportunity for parent input and feedback.
  • A flexible number of meetings and activities will be held monthly to assist parents in understanding such topics as academic content/standards, curriculum, and testing.
  • Continuous and timely communication will be provided through parent newsletters, parent workshops, family nights, Connect-Ed telephone messages, and in GATOR folders to assist parents in understanding the school curriculum and student achievement in order to further work with their children at home.
  • Parent surveys will be sent home twice a year and parent committee meetings will be held          bi-monthly in order to evaluate parent opinions, concerns, and suggestions about the current programs of the school.
  • Training will be provided yearly to support school staff and parents working together as equal partners.
  • Resources and activities such as Family Nights and Parent Workshops will be designed to encourage greater participation of all parents in their child’s education including pre-kindergarten programs. 
  • A parent involvement plan and school improvement plan will be revised on an ongoing basis in conjunction with parental and staff input through School Improvement Team (SIT) that meets monthly.

Every effort will be made to communicate with parents in a format and language that is free of educational jargon and easily understandable by all.  Parents and community members are always welcome at Sadler Elementary.